Votifier allows you to be put on voting sites, which increases your servers visibility. Superbvote allows you to give rewards for players to vote.

What does the plugin do?

Votifier is a plugin that allows players to receive rewards when voting for your server on server list sites.

SuperbVote is a vote rewards plugin that you can customize to give rewards for voting on Voting sites.


First, download the NuVotifier plugin and install it into your plugins folder. Install the SuperbVote plugin into the same place. Restart your server and enter the NuVotifer config.yml in its folder. Take a note of your port number.

Next, go to the dedicatedminecraft.host discord here and open a ticket requesting for the port in your NuVotifier config to be opened.

Enter your SuperbVote config.yml and add what rewards you want to give your players. You can also store the data in a MySQL database if you would like. If you don't know how, click here or ask in the discord.

     host: 123.456.789.10
     username: u420_abbylikesducks
     password: topsecret
     database: s420_Votifier
     table: votes
     read-only: false

Finally, save both configs and restart your server.


Nuvotifier Spigot

Superbvote Spigot

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