Plugin offering essential commands to servers

:::important This guide does not cover any of EssentialsX's modules, such as EssentialsXChat, EssentialsXAntiBuild or EssentialsXGeoIP. Please check the EssentialsX wiki for information on these modules.

Please note that any EssentialsX modules requires the core EssentialsX plugin jar to function (covered in this guide) :::

:::caution This guide does not cover all of EssentialsX's features, please check the EssentialsX wiki for more information on its features :::

What does this plugin do?

This is a plugin that offers basic commands and features such as a mail system, request tp system, economy systems (sign shops, command costs), player nicknames and moderation tools if you don't want to install plugins such as LiteBans or AdvancedBan.

This plugin also hooks into Vault to provide an economy service that other economy plugins on your server can use. It can also get group names from your permission plugin.


You can either download stable builds from its Spigot Resource page or you can download dev, experimental builds directly from its website.

Next, place the EssentialsX jar file into the plugins folder in your server. If you need help with installing plugins, click here for a guide.


There are a lot of features of EssentialsX, here are a few of the simple commands for your players

  • /msg - private messages the player

  • /motd - view the server motd, configurable in the config

  • /mail - sends mail to players

  • /rules, /info - displays server information, defined in rules.txt and info.txt

  • /bal - shows the balance of a player

  • /pay - allows a player to pay someone else using their balance

  • /baltop - shows a list of players with the highest balances

  • /warp - sends the player to a warp that you created using /setwarp

  • /kit - Allows the player to get a pre-defined set of items that you make with /createkit. Also supports cooldowns and costs.

There are, of course more commands, refer to the command reference for a list of all commands.

Essentials signs

EssentialsX also has a number of signs that you can use to allow your players to interact with, for example, buying/selling items or going to a warp by right-clicking a sign.

:::important All EssentialsX signs are disabled by default. If you want to use a sign, you will need to enable it in the config. To do this: 1. Open the config file in the EssentialsX plugin folder (usually /plugins/Essentials) 2. Scroll down untill you see a section that looks like this:

# Essentials Sign Control
# See for instructions on how to use these.
# To enable signs, remove # symbol. To disable all signs, comment/remove each sign.
# Essentials colored sign support will be enabled when any sign types are enabled.
# Color is not an actual sign, it's for enabling using color codes on signs, when the correct permissions are given.

  #- color
  #- balance
  #- buy
  #- sell
  #- trade.

  #- free
  #- disposal
  #- warp
  #- kit
  #- mail
  #- enchant
  #- gamemode
  #- heal
  #- info
  #- spawnmob
  #- repair
  #- time
  #- weather
  1. Remove the # symbol from each type of sign you want to use.

  2. Save the configuration file and reload Essentials (/essentials reload).


There are various right-clickable signs that you can use (and can be enabled in the section above.) For example, warp signs can take your player to a warp you defined with /setwarp and the mail sign can show the player's mail.


EssentialsX website

EssentialsX wiki

Spigot Resource Page

EssentialsX command reference

EssentialsX permissions reference

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