An essential plugin named LuckPerms that handles server permissions.

What does the plugin do?

LuckPerms is a permission plugin built for Minecraft servers to handle permissions from all your plugins. It is considered to be one of the best permission plugins due to it's accessibility and how it handles data.

Unlike PermissionsEx which has not been updated since January 2016, LuckPerms is regularly updated by the developer Luck who is the developer for Spark as well.


To use this plugin, download the jar you need it for. Most commonly, for single servers, it would be the Bukkit jar.

Upload the jar into your plugins folder. Turn on or restart the server. If you need help installing plugins, check out this guide.

To begin, simply run /lp editor. Once you have made your edits in the GUI, click save and run the command it gives you. If you need more help, consult the LuckPerms wiki.

Migrating from other plugins

You can migrate your permissions setup from various other permissions plugins (including PermissionsEx) and it is, in most cases a simple process. For more information on how to do this, refer to the LuckPerms wiki





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