A plugin called multiverse which lets you have multiple worlds on one server.

Multiverse Core

What does it do?

Multiverse core allows you to create multiple different worlds in one server. You can import maps and create worlds with custom generation! It also easily allows you to teleport to each world that you create using the commands /mv list and /mv tp. Here's an example of the worlds that you could have on your server:

This example shows some of the worlds being our very own and also some of the worlds being imported into our server.

This guide outlines how to set up worlds, import worlds, and some basic settings for the plugin.

Plugins to use with Multiverse

Multiverse Sign Portals

Multiverse Sign Portals is a plugin made by the Multiverse dev team which allows you to make signs to take players to other worlds. You can find more about it here: Sign Portals Link

Multiverse Nether Portals

Multiverse Nether Portals is very similar to Multiverse Sign Portals, but instead of signs it uses nether portals. You can find more about it here Nether Portals Link

Per World Inventory

Per World Inventory is useful plugin for seperating stastics between worlds when using a plugin like Multiverse.

The GitHub can help you setup Per World Inventories to your liking. It includes the commands that Per World Inventory uses and how to setup world groups.

That's about it for Multiverse! If you need any more help, feel free to make a ticket in the discord :)


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