A common API for chat, permission and economy plugins.

What does this plugin do?

Vault provides a common API to give plugins access to chat, permission and economy systems easily and quickly. Instead of plugin developers needing to write support for each individual plugin providing these features, they will only need to write a Vault hook and they can support all plugins providing chat, permission and/or economy systems (provided that the plugin supports Vault).

Installation Instructions

Download Vault from its Spigot Resource page or its BukkitDev page or directly from its GitHub repo.

Next, install the plugin into the plugins folder in your server. Need help? Check out this guide.

Usage instructions

Vault works out of the box without configuration in most cases. Plugins that hook into Vault (e.g. LuckPerms) will automatically find Vault and connect to it and provides a hook for plugins to work with it.

Other plugins, such as DiscordSRV can use the information provided by Vault (e.g. DiscordSRV can get the group names from your permissions plugin)


Vault has two commands which server admins can use to manage the plugin. These are:

  • /vault-info - Shows plugins which are installed that provides chat, permissions or economy systems.

  • /vault-convert - Converts data between economy systems that are installed. Requires you to have at least two economy systems loaded.


Spigot Resource page

BukkitDev page

GitHub repo.

Vault API - If you are a plugin developer and want to add Vault support to your plugins

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