An open-source plugin that bridges Discord and Minecraft.

What does the plugin do?

DiscordSRV gives players the ability to chat in-game with users in a Discord server as well as allowing users in a Discord server to chat with players in-game.

This plugin also has a remote console feature, allowing admins to be able to execute commands as well as see the server console straight from a Discord server.


:::important This guide does not cover all the features that DiscordSRV includes. :::

First, go to the official Discord Developer Portal website and create a new application as well as create a new bot user under the same application.

Enable the SERVER MEMBERS INTENT option under "Privileged Gateway Intents" and copy the bot's token on the bot tab, as it is need to make DiscordSRV work properly.

Install the DiscordSRV plugin and install it into your plugins folder (If you need help installing plugins, check out this guide). Start and stop the server and then open the configuration file for DiscordSRV.

Paste the bot's token that was taken from the Discord Developers website into the BotToken value and then invite your newly created Discord bot using the client ID on the website.

In the config option labeled Channels, paste the Discord channel ID that you want to be set for your chat under "global" (You can set up more channels and link more channels later).

:::important If you want your server console to be accessable from Discord in a channel, add a console channels ID in the config as well. :::

Finally, start your server! DiscordSRV has been installed and you will see your discord bot start reporting all chat logs from your Minecraft server into your Discord server!

DiscordSRV Spigot Page

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