A plugin that protects against BungeeCord's UUID spoof exploit.

What does the plugin do?

BungeeGuard is a plugin used to protect against BungeeCord's UUID spoof exploit which allows users to join without authenticating through the BungeeCord proxy, allowing them to join as any user.


:::important Make sure your BungeeCord is on the latest version. Also, make sure to use version 1.2 or later of BungeeGuard as previous versions have an issue. :::

Download the plugin then upload the jar into both your BungeeCord and Spigot plugins folder. Restart the servers. If you need help installing plugins, check out this guide.

After you have restarted the servers you installed BungeeGuard on, enter the config.yml file located in your BungeeCord's BungeeGuard directory and copy the authentication token. Paste this authentication token into the config.yml file within your Spigot servers' BungeeGuard directory.

Example configuration:

# Allowed authentication tokens.  
  - "AUSXEwebkOGVnbihJM8gBS0QUutDzvIG009xoAfo1Huba9pGvhfjrA21r8dWVsa8"

Now, restart all your servers you installed BungeeGuard on and test to see if it's properly working!




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