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What does the plugin do?

Citizens2 is an advanced NPC plugin for Spigot that allows developers to extend basic NPCs to provide varied gameplay and functionality.


  1. Download the plugin directly from the developer or from the Premium spigot page (The premium version posted as a premium resource to motivate the continued development. Citizens can be used for free though.).

  2. Upload the jar(s) to your /plugins folder.

  3. Restart the server.

If you need help installing plugins, check How to install plugins.

:::note You may also want to look at installing the Denzien, Sentinel, and dtlTraders plugins for Citizens.

  • Denizen is an extension for Citizens that allows scripting of NPCs to handle tasks, quests, player interaction and more!

  • Sentinel is an extension for Citizens that allows Combat NPCs who can protect players, towns, etc.

  • dtlTraders is an extension for Citizens that allows NPCs as merchants who can buy, sell, and/or trade with players.



Citizens (and the related plugins) can be tweaked via the config settings.

:::note Generally, you can probably get started using Citizens (and the related plugins) without having to go a lot of configuration. :::

The config files are:

  • Citizens - /plugins/Citizens/config.yml - Docs

  • Sentinel - /plugins/Denizen/config.yml - Docs

  • dtlTraders - /plugins/dtlTraders/config.yml - Docs

  • dtlTradersPlus (Premium Version) - /plugins/dtlTradersPlus/config.yml - Docs


Rather than go over basic commands, listed below are several examples on how to use Citizens. For details on the commands, see the documentation.

Creating an NPC

:::note These examples are assuming you have instaled Citizens as well as Denzien, Sentinel, and dtlTraders plugins. :::

Basic Human NPC

In this example, we will create a basic human NPC who says "Hello!":

  1. Create the NPC: /npc2 create Bob (Note... the NPC skin will be set based on the name. You can change this later. )

  2. Make the NPC look at you: /npc2 look

  3. Change the skin /npc2 skin --url

  4. Open the Text editor: /npc2 text

  5. Type add to add text.

  6. Type Hello! to make the NPC say "Hello".

  7. Type close to make the NPC only talk when you are close to them.

  8. Type delay 10 to make the NPC wait 10 seconds between each text.

  9. Type /npc2 text to exit the text editor.

:::note For NPC skins, you can go to Minecraft Skins or a similar website. You will need a direct link to the NPC skin to apply it. For Minecraft Skins, you can click on the "Image Link"

:::note You can add multiple lines by repeating the add command while in the text editor. You can also use placeholders if you have the plugin installed and enabled. For example Hello %player_name%! YMMV... :::

Wolf NPC

In this example, we will create a wolf NPC: 1. Create the NPC: /npc2 create Rover --type wolf (Note... the NPC skin will be set based on the name. You can change this later. ) 1. Make the NPC look at you: /npc2 look

Selecting an NPC

To switch to a different NPC, do the following: 1. Make sure your cross-hairs are pointed to the NPC you want. 1. Type /npc2 select to choose that NPC.

Renaming an NPC

To rename an NPC, do the following: 1. Make sure you have the NPC selected (see above) 1. Type /npc2 rename [name] (For example, to rename Bob above to Jill, type /npc2 rename Jill).

Deleting or despawing

  • To delete an NPC, make sure you have the NPC selected and then type /npc2 remove. Note that there is no undo!

  • To despawn an NPC without deleting them, make sure you have the NPC selected and then type /npc2 despawn. To repawn them, type /npc2 spawn [name] (e.g. /npc2 spawn Jill)

Creating a Shop NPC

In this example, we will create a basic shop

  1. Put the item or items you want to sell in your inventory. For this example, put a single stone block.

  2. Type /dtltraders trait. This will open up a creation GUI

  3. Select Create trader NPC

  4. Choose the Yes block

  5. Name the NPC

  6. Select Create Shop

  7. Name the Shop

  8. Select Edit Shop Pages

  9. Select the default page (usually something like Page 71122). You can in the next screen by choosing Change title.

  10. Select Change Contents

  11. In the bottom right corner there is a stone block. This block lets you toggle between the Buy, Sell, and Trade functions. We will be using Buy to allow players to buy items (so don't change it). You can create shops for players to sell items to the trader or trade X item for Y item (for example in Skyblock, trade 10xRedstone for 1 dirt).

  12. Drag the stone block into the box above, then click Exit.

  13. Click on Change content functions

  14. Click on the stone block

  15. Click on Change trade price and type in a price (e.g. 50).

  16. Click Save and go back

  17. Click on Exit

  18. Click Save and go back until you are completely out of the GUI.

  19. Click on your new NPC and you should be able to buy stone blocks for 50 gold.

Managing shops

  • To edit existing shops, type /dtltraders edit and select the shop you want to edit.

  • To delete a shop, type /dtltraders delete [shopname]

:::note Notes:

  • Sometimes it is easier to delete an item or shop and start over if things are behaving oddly.

  • You can use the NPC commands above on shop NPCs (e.g. /npc2 look, /npc2 skin, etc.). You can also make non-human NPC shops (like a wolf that buys bones!)

  • You may want to set a shop's permission to something players don't have while you are creating the shop (e.g. The permission can be anything you want.

  • You can set up shops to sell commands (e.g. an NPC that sells flight time!)

  • You can enable or disable the buy, sell, and/or trade functions in the shop independently.

  • You can set permissions on individual shop items

  • You can limit the number of items a player can buy, sell, or trade to a shop.


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Need Help

Check the docs for details. Asking nicely on Bloom's discord and/or other Minecraft related discord servers may also work.

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