How to use SFTP to transfer files

This guide will help you use SFTP (FileZilla/WinSCP) to transfer files.

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In this guide we will be using SFTP to import and export files. The SFTP client we will be using is called FileZilla, which you can download from here. Alternatively you could try using WinSCP or even MobaXterm!

To find the login details, navigate to the sidebar of the server, then open the 'Settings' section.

Here you will be able to see your server's SFTP host name (red), and SFTP username (cyan).

With our new panel if you have WinSCP installed, you can launch straight away by clicking Launch SFTP (green)

In case you aren't using WinSCP like in our case, input your login details in the top left.

  • Host: This can be seen on the panel, without the prefix or suffix. As an example: s would be

  • Username: Just your SFTP username from the Settings Section.

  • Password: Your game panel password. Not your billing password!

  • Port: This will be 2022 for everyone.

The left side contains the files stored on your computer (yellow), and the right (orange) contains the files on the server. The bottom, shown in blue, gives you information on the file transfer.

If you wish to archive or unarchive files, please check out or guide on file management through the panel.

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