A cool (and highly configurable) plugin called Prism, which allows you to track player actions and rollback griefs.

What does the plugin do?

Prism is a highly configurable, powerful, high-performance grief management (rollbacks, restores, etc) plugin for your server.


:::important Before you get started, you need to have created a MySQL database. More info on that can be found here. :::

Download the plugin and upload the jar into your plugins folder. Restart or turn on the server. If you need help installing plugins, check out this guide.

After that, go to the Prism folder, which can be found inside the plugins folder. From there, edit the config.yml file.

Go down to the mysql section and enter your database details. Change useNonStandardSql: true to useNonStandardSql: false.

:::caution Do not copy the configuration below exactly, your login details for your own database will be different. :::

    username: u69_Abbywontseethis
    password: 'Impossible Password'
    databaseName: s69_pogchamp
    prefix: prism_
    port: '3306'
    useNonStandardSql: false

Once you've done that, you need to restart the server in order for changes to take effect.


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