Litebans is a premium plugin to manage and distribute punishments on your server or network.

What does the plugin do?

ServerNPC is a plugin that allows you to create non player characters, or NPC's, and have them do certain actions.


First, download the ServerNPC plugin and install it into your plugins folder.

Next, make sure to download all of its dependencies.

PlaceholderAPI - Required (Hard Dependency)
ProtocolLib - Reccomended (Soft Dependency)
HolographicDisplays - Reccomended (Soft Dependency)
HolographicExtension - Reccomended (Soft Dependency)


Many commands are offered to modify and change the NPC's you create.

/npc lookRange
/npc move
/npc skin
/npc lookclose
/npc list
/npc nametag
/npc delete
/npc reload
/npc equip
/npc create
/npc action
/npc holo
/npc glow

Creating an NPC

To create an NPC run the "/npc create {ID} {Skin}" command. ID is the name of the NPC, and the skin is the name of the skin the NPC will use. If you chose not to use a player's skin you can also use skins from

Editing Wand

Within the editing wand you can do the following (from left to right in the menu shown above)

 1. Change the NPC's Skin
 2. Add Actions to the NPC
 3. Change what the NPC is holding and wearing
 4. Change any attributes such as if it will look at players
 5. Add holograms

ServerNPC, Requires Account.

PlaceHolderAPI, Hard Dependency

HolographicDisplays, Soft Dependency

HolographicExtensions, Soft Dependency

ProtocolLib, Soft Dependency

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